Monday, 31 March 2008

Hi There!

I'm sorry I've been away so long, but the virus I was complaining about a while ago turned into bronchitis and I've been feeling pretty rough. I'm still not 100%, and may need another course of antibiotics, however I hope to be up and running soon, subjecting you all to my cock-eyed philosophies and general rantings!


Dulce Domum


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're still under the weather.

Praying for a swift recovery because we miss your rantings and philosophising! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope and pray you're better soon. This has been a very rough year for sickness.

And I agree with Linnet--you're missed! (o:

Zillah said...

You poor thing. Here's to a quick recovery.

We're in The South at the moment, will wave as we pass your neck of the woods!