Saturday, 10 May 2008

Beret Good!

Well, I was intrigued when I saw that Sirdar had produced a range of yarns made from 100 % virgin wool, un-dyed and using all natural products in its processing. Sirdar is such a big, popular brand and it was good to see the "giants" of the knitting industry sitting up and taking notice of what knitters would really like to see in the shops...and perhaps, just perhaps, thinking a little more responsibly about the way their products are manufactured. The yarn is not too expensive for those on a tight-ish budget, although the chap in my local knitting shop said it is unlikely that he will stock it, as most of his customers choose the very cheapest yarns (we don't have a trendy knitting group in our town)!

The yarn did knit up absolutely beautifully (I can imagine it being a good yarn for felting) and even the DH said that he liked the colours...ya can't beat nature for subtle variety! However, what really got my "knitting genes" in a state of frenzied excitement was the lovely pattern book which came with the yarn. Beautiful accessories, jumpers for both sexes and a lovely little cardigan for girls (aged 3 - 12). Now, the eldest girl has wanted a 1940s style beret for quite a while; "Narnia" and the "Famous Five" are still her favourite reads/films, so when I saw the pattern for the stripy beret I got cracking. It was fun to knit and not at all taxing, although I may make a little bobble to go on top of it to cover up the hole where the stitches were gathered...I shall consult the eldest before I venture forth with this idea as she has definite ideas on matters sartorial!

Next up...a knitted, felted school bag. I shall post about it when I have something to show...oh, yes, and I know the weather is too fine to think of knits, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and my motto has always been "if in doubt, knit".


Anonymous said...

Looks a good 'un.

Dulce Domum said...

Thank you me deario!