Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Housewife's Calender - July

Here are the jobs to do in July, according to the wonderful "Aunt Kate", fount of all knowledge, and 1930s housewife extraordinaire! Actually, it's times like this that I wish I had a scanner, as the illustrations in the book are wonderful, but I suppose you could just click on the pictures for a better look...I'm afraid my camera isn't very good, but then a poor workman always blames his tools (as my old dad used to say)! So tie on chintz-y pinnies and enjoy your seasonal jobs fellow housewives!* This is the month of raspberries and strawberries, so order your supplies from greengrocer, fruit merchant, or nurseryman. Small strawberries are used for making jam, while the larger ones, served with cream and sugar, make a delightful dessert. Raspberries and raspberry juice can be made into jam, jelly cooling drinks or a refreshing sweet.
* Hot sunny days in the garden or on the beach will be enjoyed much more if you avoid painful sunburn. A shady hat helps to prevent the face from being scorched, and there are numerous lotions and creams to be had to soothe and prevent sunburn on face, arms and legs. Sitting for hours in the direct rays of the sun does more harm than good, and a healthy tan is best acquired by plenty of outdoor exercises. Children should wear cool print frocks or linen shorts, and big hats. Infants, especially, must be well protected - though not over-wrapped - against possible sunstroke.

* Cooling meals should be in the order of the day just now, and with so many varied fruits and vegetables in season, it is possible to provide many delightful dishes. A salad made completely with fresh fruits is always appreciated. Vegetable salads never fail to tempt "hot weather" appetites, whether they are served by themselves or with cold and jellied meats.
* If you are going on holiday soon, it is a good idea to purchase some time beforehand all these little extras which are so often forgotten at the last minute. Sunglasses, bathing-shoes, knapsacks, sponge bags - there are ever so many odds and ends that you can gather together, and save worry and rush when the time comes to pack. Don't forget waders for baby, and spades and pails for the older children!
* Some people are more susceptible to insect bites than others. This is the time of year when these small pests are most troublesome. Perhaps mosquitoes and clegs (horse-flies) are the worst offenders. Be well prepared, and take a bottle of ammonia along with you on holiday. Treat the bites once by dabbing with the liquid.
* Next spring seems very far ahead, but it is not too early to start sowing your cabbages for spring use. When the plants are transplanted, they should be 11/2 to 2 feet apart. The varieties of spring cabbage include Flower of Spring, Earliest of All and Harbinger.

Well, there you have it, don't forget your ammonia and baby-waders when you go on your hols and everybody likes a salad! Thank you Aunt Kate!


Marie N. said...

I am definitely part of the everybody who likes a salad, whether of fruit or veggies.

Regarding the often forgotten items to pack on a trip, what is a sponge bag?

Anonymous said...

Sponge bag is a small travel bag to hold toiletries.

Waders? Does that mean wellies? Wellies for a baby? Lol.

I don't go anywhere without my ammonia...

Zillah said...

Oh dear, I'm also concerned that I'd don't know what baby waders are. And we are off to Cornwall in less than a month. DD, help! I know our holiday will be lost without them. Enlighten us, please!


Anonymous said...

*Loved* this! (o;

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm glad to know what a "sponge bag" is. I've never heard of "baby waders" either and that makes me wonder about the "other odds and ends...."



Dulce Domum said...

Hi Marie
I still know a few British men who are definite salad dodgers, but overall I agree with Aunt Kate, salad is a good meal on a hot day!

I think young Daisy has enlightened you on the sponge bag issue!

Hi Daisy
Yes, I think she does mean wellies! I too never leave the house without my never know when you may have to give something a really deep clean...oh, and it's good for clegs (???) too...

Hi Zillah
I suggest you and the nanny go forthwith to the Army and Navy Stores and purchase some baby waders...of course you may need a time machine...

Hi Michele
Yes, this book is a lot of fun...there's some great stuff in it about pet care which I'm sure you'll love!

Hi Jody
Oh yes, the other odds and ends...spats for the hubby, a good strong corset, a jar of plutonium to keep away spiders, some Enos Fruit Salts to give you inner vitality and a gramophone record of Jack Buchanan singing "Ever So Goosey"...should all make for a successful holiday in my opinion...

Anonymous said...

clegs? is that midge?