Friday, 17 October 2008

Coffee Break Films

At the moment I am dealing with a large and splendid vegetable marrow; chutney for Christmas, and marrow mush (marrow, garlic, and onion cooked down slowly to a mush, then cream, and Parmesan added). So whilst the said giant veg is simmering nicely, and the smell of spice and vinegar permeates my nostrils, I have made my coffee and perused Youtube. First up, for your viewing pleasure, is an American film from the early/mid 1930s, on the value of a housewife. Interesting stuff. The best line is "she braves death to bring forth children into the world..."

Next up, for a completely different change of pace, is a clip from Blackadder. When I first watched this I must have been in my early teens and I really did wet my knickers laughing. No, I'm not being metaphorical, I really did wet myself. I watched it last night, and although I managed to control my bladder I did howl and guffaw in a hearty and unladylike manner. So many good bits, so many great lines. I like Nursey's reaction to the captain's flirtations. All excited and silly, this is how I get when men flirt with me, even nutcases with huge ginger beards. Oh, and my dad still calls my mum "my little puddin' of delight". Enjoy, me hearties!

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Anonymous said...

'Who's Queen?' something I say to the girlies when they question my decisions.

I love Blackadder.

Enjoyed the other vid, '...she must pilot them safely to the threshold of manhood and womanhood.'

Lovely jubbly.

Hugs chuck.