Friday, 14 November 2008

A Day in My Life - Can I Be Batman?

Well, what a day! I woke up half comatose as usual (I'm like an extra from Shaun of the Dead in the mornings!), had a quick shower, dressed and made breakfast (we had toasted ham sandwiches). Got the girls all kitted out in their non-school uniform because it is Children in Need Day, and their school always makes a really good go of it. I was on face-painting duty with a couple of the other mums, and we were told that the kids could only really have stripes ( their non-uniform kit had to be stripy too) which was okay by me as I was slightly worried that my artistic skills may be pushed to the limit by ambitious four year olds! As it was my very first customer asked to be Batman, I replied "I'm only allowed to do stripes. Choose your colour!" My second customer wanted to be a butterfly, but I replied "I'm only allowed to do stripes. Choose your colour!". My third customer asked to be Ben 10, but I replied...well, you get the picture. Blimey we were at it for hours, but we had such a lot of fun, painting their still, little faces. None of them wriggled and considering they all had grand ambitions, but ended up with a face full of stripes, they were easily satisfied.

I snook off from all of the high- jinks at school about mid-day. I had a quick lunch and tutored for an hour (tute on Dulce Domum, tute on!). Did small and bitty spurts of housework and went to pick the the girls up from school. Oh, and my friend popped round, just to give me a recipe for and extremely healthy cake I tried at her house the other day. I'll post the recipe because it's brilliant and you wouldn't guess it was full of stuff that was good for you!

Anyhoo, I came home. Finished off the little bits of housework. Completed St Nicholas' horse, I'm really pleased with it but the little 'un is playing with it as I type , she's made a stable for it out of Lego, so I shan't take photos of St Nick and his noble steed until she's at school...I don't want to disturb her game. The DH and my eldest are at choir practice, so I thought I'd get my Day in My Life journal entry done. Gosh, I really don't have too much to say. To be honest with you I'm a bit knackered, so I'm going to have a really early night tonight and go to bed with a hot milk and Lord Peter Wimsey! But before I go here's my reply to a meme Angela from Tracing Rainbows set me. Angela lives about 15 miles away from me (I reckon). It's a small world.

Six Random Things About Me
  1. I'll eat anything. Apart from Pot Noodles and bananas. You have to draw the line somewhere.
  2. My dad was once nearly arrested by the Romanian secret police. Don't ask.
  3. I was once rescued from a sinking boat by the RNLI. Lovely, lovely men, who wet their knickers laughing when I told them they couldn't lift me from the boat as I weighed 10 stone (I no longer weigh 10 stone, those days are sadly over.)
  4. I was once propositioned by a famous comedian.
  5. I have eczema in my ears. I drives me crazy.
  6. I once left the loo in Reading Public Library with my skirt tucked into my knickers. I didn't realise until I sat down on the plastic chair in the library and my bum felt cold.
Angela, I bet you wished you hadn't asked! Anyway, consider yourself tagged if you fancy joining in.

Anon, goode readers! Anon!


Anonymous said...

Loved this post...I'm still smiling! :)

Gumbo Lily said...

Funny, you are! Pot noodles? What are these?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Pot Noodles! Mmmmm.

Angela said...

Thanks for doing the meme!

What's wrong with Bananas?

Jody - Pot Noodles are a peculair British snack food - sort of instant ramen noodles. You stir in boiling water, wait 2 minutes then eat them with a fork. Very popular with drunken lazy student males [and Sarah - who, I am sure, is none of these things!]

Anonymous said...

Number six had me ROFL!!!! I am always afraid of doing this....Thankfully I never have. (o;

Anonymous said...

Eh up. Apparently on the Antiques Roadshow is the first £1 million pound objet d'art.

Can't wait to see the look on their face.

Off now for X Factor results show and no doubt to wonder for the millionth time why Daniel hasn't been voted off.

Anonymous said...

...I really watch too much TV.

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Tina
I'm glad I made you smile!

Hi Jody
I think Angela may have answered your question! Every now and then the DH pops to the all-night garage and gets himself a Pot Noodle!

Hi Sarah!

Hi Angela
There's nothing wrong with bananas, I just have a medical condition where I can only stomach them in cake form, preferably with cream cheese icing!

Hi Michele
Nice to see you again! I'm now completely paranoid about it happening again!

Hi Sarah
I was so excited about it. But what a jip! It was the Angel of the bleeding North! No wonder it was worth a million...who's going to find the Angel of the North in an old suitcase...?

Seraphim said...

"I'll eat anything. Apart from Pot Noodles and bananas. You have to draw the line somewhere."

This reminded me of a quote from an old comedy show, but I can't remember what. I am guilty of actually enjoying pot noodles, though they are a rare treat... not quite classified as food though, are they! ;)