Thursday, 11 December 2008

Link Love - It's Nice to Read Such Nice-ness

I like to go a-blogging whilst drinking my coffee and waiting for my baking to be done. I've found some wonderful blog entries today, so I thought I'd pass on the links for your enjoyment.

First up is that nice Ann lady from Holy Experience. She's written a really powerful piece on how the work of mothering can be used as a model for what Christian work actually is. Her themes embrace more than that really. But you go and see for yourself. I dare you not be inspired.

Secondly, our very own New Yorker, Laura, from Morningside Family, decorates her tree and has intellectual conversation with her daughter! She has some beautiful decorations and the dialogue is sweet and clever.

Next, we have some practical and frugal bows and snowflakes from Jody at Gumbo Lily. Check out the bows she made out of old magazine pages. Be stunned, follow the link and do it yourself!

Finally, some say it's grim oop North, but not me, because I know Sarah from Another Bend in the Road . Check out her hilarious piece on the stupid things people say. I laughed so hard coffee came out of my nose.


Laura A said...

Thanks, I enjoyed those, from "Monogamy is a type of wood, you idiot!" to Ann's much more sensitive thoughts.

By the way, that it's my daughter who knows music theory, and I'm just the pop-culture saturated mom who can't listen to Handel without thinking silly thoughts about cartoon and/or flying sheep. One too many feltboard presentations in Sunday school, I guess.

I enjoyed your St. Nicholas and Christmas traditions below, too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Ann's post and I will check out the others when hubs has gone to his music group meeting. Thanks for and thanks for the linky-love! :)


Gumbo Lily said...

Thanks for linking-me-up Dulce! I'll be reading the other articles tonight.