Friday, 9 January 2009

Victorian Farm

A little while ago I posted on how much I loved the series Tales from the Green Valley, where a group of archaeologists and historians spent a year replicating a whole farming calender as it would have been in the 1600s. It was just wonderful stuff, engaging, interesting and intelligent popular history. Here's the introduction to the series.

Now, a few of the same group have come together again to replicate the farming year as it would have been in the 1880s. I watched the first episode last night and I was in telly heaven. In it, domestic historian, Ruth Goodman, was preserving the fruits and berries she'd foraged for in the Shropshire countryside, using her restored cast iron range and an Eliza Acton recipe. She also gave a scary talk on bed bugs and boiled an enormous pice of mutton. Anybody interested in domestic history should watch, and perhaps visit her site...I think she's my new hero!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

This series sounds fascinating. PBS did a couple of series a few years back,"Pioneer House" and "Victorian House", which had me glued to my set. I will say that after watching, I felt very glad about several of my modern conveniences, most particularly my washing machine.

I just checked out BBC2 online to see if I could watch "Victorian Farm" via my computer; sadly, outside of the UK you can't. I often listen to BBC radio, which is marvelous and better than anything we have over here in terms of variety.


monix said...

I thoroughly enjoyed it, too. I live in an early 18th century farmhouse and the programme gave me lots of ideas but made my husband run for cover!

Angela said...

Thanks for the reminder- I forgot to record this but shall watch it on my PC!
blessings x

Islandsparrow said...

I. am. jealous.

I LOVE those kinds of shows.

And we can't watch BBC from Canada.


Hopefully, the series will cross the pond someday.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to watch it too, I love stuff like this.

Did you watch Christina: A Medieval Life over the festive period?

The Ruth Goodman site looks coool.

~~louise~~ said...

I often wonder whether I was born in the wrong era. Watching shows such as these remind me that I probably wasn't:)

Thank you so much for sharing & a very Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours Natalie:)

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Lefty
I saw Pioneer House, I really enjoyed it. This series is similar, but because they're all historians/archaelogists the shock in the change of lifestyle is minimised.

I don't think I could live without a flushing toilet. I really don't.

It's a shame about BBC Iplayer. Perhaps they'll put parts of the programme on Youtube.

Hi Monix
Yes, I can imagine my DH doing just the same. I loved that range. Do you have a bread oven? Now, that's a job you could get your DH onto...

Hi Angela
I think there's a repeat on a Saturday afternoon.

Hi Island Sparrow
You can but the first series on Amazon. It's well worth it. I know you'd love it.

Hi Sarah
I blinkin' well did and I loved it. Terry Jones has done some good stuff on our peasant forefathers too (yes, I know you're probably from aristocratic stock).

Hi Louise
Yes, nostalgia, like hindsight, is a beautiful thing. I'd love to live in a simpler time, but am thoroughly wedded to modern plumbing. Happy New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

Yes I think I'm actually 23 millionth in line for the throne :) All my ancestors were weavers and hatters (mad no doubt)

Seraphim said...

I'll admit I've not heard of either of the two series... they do sound very interesting though, I'll try and have a look at them :)

Rowan said...

I watched the Green Valley series and have the DVD and I loved the first part of the Victorian Farm. Ruth Goodman is lovely and very knowledgeable, I've been lucky enough to have done some courses with her on Tudor cooking which were really excellent and fun too. It's a pity there aren't more of this kind of programme on TV.

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Seraphim
I can highly recommend them!

Hi Rowan
I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I noticed that she did courses and lectures. How wonderful that you got toa take part!

lilymarlene said...

I only spotted this was on at the last minute. I did record it though and have watched it twice already.
I love the female historian on it too, but unfortunately my husband makes comments about her looks all the way I have to watch when he is out of the way!

Angela said...

Thanks DD - I caught the repeat of programme 1, then saw programme 2 - and now I am HOOKED!! I admire their commitment to hard work - and I am so much more grateful now for the electric light which enables me to see properly when I am sewing in the evenings and for the washing machine which does my laundry!!

Nan said...

I went to Ruth G's website and I just love the picture with the sheep. I was truly meant to live then and there. :<)