Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, Blaming, Miss Read, Advice

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful piece of music by Gorecki. Sometimes it's good to feel the strong emotions music and art promote, perhaps because we can feel a oneness with our fellow man when emotion is shared in such a way, perhaps great artists have the knack for expressing what we cannot?

I just thought that I would give you an update on my father in law. He is doing a little better, his pain comes and goes, but it is manageable. I want to thank you all for your kind prayers and thoughts, I truly believe they have helped us, and my father in law, get through some difficult times.

For all of you bookish types out there, I thought I'd share some recommendations. First, Blaming by Elizabeth Taylor (no, not that one!). A strange, clever novel, whose main character is so intensely human the reader's sympathy with her shifts on a constant basis. I think Taylor understands that people's inner narrative is often not as generous as their outward actions, I know this is true of me, therefore I found the book to be rather real, and often quite touching. Oh, and here is a link to a Guardian article about her work and a recent biography.

Secondly, I've been eating up the Miss Read Fairacre novels. The literary equivalent of gobbling buttered toast simply to comfort oneself. Considering my proclivities towards country living, happy childhoods and well stocked pantries I've come rather late to Miss Read, however what a joy it's been to read them!

Now, here's a poem for all you Pooh Bears to philosophise over.


When you are faced with two alternatives

Choose both. And should they put you to the test,

Tick every box. Nothing is ever single.

A seed's a tree's a ship's a constellation.

Nail your true colours to this branching mast.

Robert Crawford

Well, anon gentle reader, I hope to see you soon!


Niki RuralWritings said...

ahhh...Miss Read....wonderful escapism. I'm just beginning my first novel my Maureen Jennings, which features the detective William Murdoch and is set in Victorian Toronto. The Murdoch Mysteries TV series is based on these books.

Glad to hear good news about your Dad.

Nan said...

That is a very astute comment on Blaming. I've never read this exact idea in any book review ever. And yet, it is so very true in life. It's a good thing our inner thoughts don't always pop out of our mouths! Glad to hear your husband's dad is even a little better. I like your comparison of Miss Read's work to buttered toast. I find her work both a comfort and also a sort of instruction manual on how to be a better person. I learn tons every time I read her. A very good poem. A rich posting Miss Dulce D!

Sara said...

You have included so many nuggets of goodness in this post! It's like rocky road candy, full of deliciousness.

Of Elizabeth Taylor I've only read (and seen the movie) Mrs. Palfry at the Claremont, which was excellent and touches on similar themes I think. I shall look for Blamed. And also will be reading the link you provided.

Miss Read! Ah yes. Wonderful "buttered toast" indeed. I discovered her years ago and have been back more than once to read her works again.

I add my prayer now to the others for your father in law and your family...coming late to the news.



monix said...

A perfect post, everything you touch on appears in my list of favourite things!

I add my prayers for your father in law and all the family, to those of all your readers.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are more settled for you this week. xx

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Niki
My mum and I just love the Murdoch Mysteries. Let me know how you get on with the novel, if it's good I may get it for my mum, as she's such a mystery fan.

Hi Nan
I think I picked up on the inner narrative thing because of my faith. I often think of the words of the confession "I have sinned against you in thought, word and deed" ..."thought" comes first.

Yes, Miss Read does teach us how to be better people. Her inner narrative is one of kindly, gentle, irony!

Hi Sarah
Mmmm, Rocky Road. I love Rocky Road and take your comment as a great compliment. Thank you for your prayers, and I hope you enjoyed the Eliz. Taylor link.

Hi Monix
I can imagine you being keen on Eliz. Taylor and Miss Read. I enjoyed the Miss Read books as both a country lover and a teacher. Wouldn't it be nice just to slip out of school on a sunny afternoon and take your class on a nature walk without having to fill in forms and get a load of permission slips and worry that you're properly fulfilling NC objectives?

Hi Tina
It's an ongoing thing, but he's very comfortable and settled, thank God. Thank you your for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

I've got some lovely books to read! :)

So glad FIL is managing his pain.

I like the poem. It's good not to make a concrete decision one way or the other with things sometimes. Especially when I'm hormonal and can't make a decision. Just go with the flow and enjoy what life throws at you.

Well that's what I got from the poem - I am officially a bear of small brain. And we all see things with different eyes.

Sara said...

Hi, and thank you for stopping by!

Yes, to answer your question, we started out in Essex but then went on a coach tour all over, Bath, Stow on the Wold, Conwy, Keswick, York....it was all beautiful, and all different.

Gumbo Lily said...

Terrific poem.
I'm glad to hear your FIL is doing better.


Dulce Domum said...

Hi Sara
I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.

Hi Jody
I thought the poem was good too. Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding my FIL.

~~louise~~ said...

Great news about your father-in-law. Hmmm...Miss Read. Must check into her writing...I just stumbled across a blog called Cook the Books. Readers shared recipe interpretations from The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goude. A favorite book of J.K. Rowling...

A warm welcome back, Natalie...

Dulce Domum said...

What a great blog you found!
You know, I have to admit that I regularly make pork chops with apples, sage and onions in the autumn, it's a really English thing, and I found the recipe I use in one of my many 'tween the wars cookbooks.

I'm reading "The Little White Horse" to the girls atm. My eldest has just finished "Home Sweet Homicide" which couldn't be more American. Cooking dishes featuring in my favourite novels appeals to someting deep within my soul.

~~louise~~ said...

I'm delighted you found the blog to your liking Dulce. I'm going to find "The Little White Horse" for my Tabitha. My daughter is going to check her library in Idaho in the mean time.

I thought you might like the reading & cooking combination. Enjoy!!! Let me know what you create:)