Monday, 4 January 2010

Move Over Miss Read - Or, Dulce Domum Goes to School

I want to thank you all for all of the kind thoughts and prayers you've been sending out to me over the ether. We had a very good Christmas, full of fun and togetherness and busy-ness, and we had some really kind comments from family who stayed with us over the period. The DH is back at work today ( but for how long I don't know, there have been no further developments leaving dates and so forth), the girls will be back at school tomorrow and I start work next Monday. It seems that the New Year is upon us with a vengeance!

I have a full-time job, but for one term only, at a school in a local city. The school is in a very deprived borough but is good and creative and serves its catchment well. I will be doing some special needs work which is what I wanted, so I can honestly say that God has been very good to us. I hope to keep you posted on how things are going.

Although I am very much at peace with the kind of work I'll be doing, it's work I'm comfortable with, I do feel a little worried about how I'll manage my home-life whilst holding down a full-time job. The DH will be taking the children to school from now on, and my youngest will have to go to an after school club for half an hour. And, although I know that many mothers who work full-time would be more than grateful for my working hours, my youngest feels nervous about the changes and I feel concerned about her nerves. Predictability and consistency are so important in little lives. I hope to lessen the impact of my working by not letting my job creep into my home, by being as much as myself as possible, by home being the same as it ever was. I think this will take an iron clad will, a certain amount of self-discipline so far as organisation is concerned ( not just for me, but for the DH...the question is, will I become a nag?) and a good deal of patience and sensitivity. We will see how it goes.

Anyway, I repeat my thanks for your kind words and prayers and I wish you all a Happy New Year.


Angela said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember, the housework does NOT have to be perfect, and train your family to say "Mum, you should sit down and have a cup of tea before you try and do anything else. Let me put the kettle on" And the odd takeaway/readymeal/easyfood won't kill 'em!!
I am sure you will be great at the job, but be prepared for the initial exhaustion at the change of pace and lifestyle.
I admire your courage - blessings for 2010

Anonymous said...

Oh hurrah for a Dulce Domum post.

I'll second what Angela has written. Try not to keep everything you did before either.

I know that Mrs Doyle of Father Ted fame would be very upset with this suggestion, but get yourself a teasmade and set it to make you a cuppa in the morning just to ease you into the day - unless you prefer coffee of course. Lol. Or even better, get your DH to make it!

I'll be keeping you still in my prayers.


Sarah x

monix said...

Happy New Year! I hope all goes well for all of you. Don't be too hard on yourself if the juggling gets too much at times. Your family will probably enjoy the challenge of helping out.

Niki said...

Well, hello Mrs. Dulce Domum, it's wonderful to hear from you!!! As all the other commenters have already said, don't be too hard on yourself, and do remember to be good to yourself so that you can continue to take wonderful care of your home and family. I couldn't agree more that little ones do need a stable, consistent environment, but they are also wonderfully flexible and resilient. I remember when my children were young, the anticipation of change was always much more stressful than the change itself, once it occured.

Praying for you,

debbie bailey said...

Glad to hear from you again. Funny you should mention Miss Read. I just finished A Christmas Mouse by her and thoroughly enjoyed it. She makes me feel so calm and peaceful. Hope all goes well with your new job. Children are very flexible and will do fine.

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Ang
Sound advice. My eldest girl can make tea and I'm rather keen on M&S lasagne and garlic bread. It probably will feel like I've been hit by a bus for the first few weeks/months...years!

Hi Sarah
You've tapped into something deep within my soul. I want a teasmade, I want one so much. I've bought myself a radio alarm clock, but a teasmade would be better. I shall now use my time machine to travel back to 1973 and get one (a la Life on Mars...will I meet John hubba-hubba Simm?).

Hi Monix
It will be a bit of a learning curve for them, but they're all good eggs so I'm sure they'll pitch in. I'm determined not to feel guilty about asking for help and so on.

Hi Niki
My eldest is fine with it all. She walks herself to school and will only be on her own in the house for 10 minutes before I arrive home. My youngest is worried about the fact that I'm not at home when she's at school, but once she gets it into her head that I'm at school when she's at school, I'm sure she'll adapt. Her after school club is very nice, and they give them toast and jam and there's a big arts and crafts table for her to play on. She'll be with two other children from church and school (whose mums are teachers too) so I'm sure she'll settle.

Hi Debbie
I love Miss Read. So funny and gentle. I think I may read her on the train on the way to work, just to get myself into the role!

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy John hubba-hubba Simm's depiction of the Master in Dr Who? (if you watched it of course)

You most certainly should get yourself a teasmade! Anything that ministers deeply to your soul must be worthwhile.