Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Back in the City

I'm so very sorry for not blogging for so long. If there are any goode huswives out there who still drop into chez Domum on a regular basis you deserve a bit of an update. Look out! Here come the inevitable bullet points!
  • To those of you who had a good pray regarding my DH's employment situation, I would like to say thank you very much. He has a job working at a local Cathedral. It is far more interesting than his previous job, but more stressful and comes with a considerably poorer salary. However, the people he works with are really lovely and, as a born organiser, he seems to be doing very well.
  • I too have a permanent job - yes, back in big city! Quelle domage! It's far less stressful than my last job, I love working with "challenging" kids, I prefer working out of catchment and I really like my department. For ages, on this blog, I ranted about childhood well-being and now I'm in the thick of it, putting my money where my mouth is, as it were.(Check out those metaphors). My own children are not noticing my working mother status, as yet, as I'm home by 4:00, but my house looks like a crack den.
  • In the second week of this new job I was Ofsteded again. They are stalking me.
  • I am managing to bake with the kids, read (on the train) and do a spot of knitting. I don't do these things as often as I used to, I don't have time to blog about doing these things.
  • I simply cannot get used to the six o'clock alarm bell. It's killing me. I need a teas-maid/made (noun or verb? answers on a postcard...also, there's the problem of the apostrophe, if it's a verb it'll need a contraction...).
  • I'm off work today because my back went at 6:30 this morning. From 6:30 until 8:30 I spent my time on all fours on the kitchen floor: my husband had to put my mug of tea on the floor and I sucked it up through a straw. I'm still in bit of pain but my back has eased now - hurrah for Paracetamol and Neurofen! However, I'm still walking like Neanderthal woman, strangely bent over, hands dangling, listlessly, by my knees. I shall be back at work tomorrow because I am scared David Cameron will drag me out of my shirker's bed and put me in the stocks so that the villagers may pelt me with out-of-date Co-Op lasagnes.
Now that you've read that nonsense you deserve a reward. Enjoy the Youtubery, gentle reader, and until half-term, Anon!


Like sunshine in the home said...

Yay! Dulce Do!

So glad to hear from you. Was going to email you to find out if you were still a going concern.

Glad you're enjoying your job and managing to get a spot of knitting and baking in too.

Gentle hugs (due to your backache)


monix said...

Good to see you but sorry about the back. I hope it is better soon.

If you find working and keeping a family interfere with your blogging just wait until you eventually retire! I seem to get busier by the day and rarely get the chance to read my favourites not to mention writing on my own. Still, I'm sure you will approve of the jams and chutneys I have stored for the next year. (That is not intended to make you feel guilty!)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Good to hear from you! But so sorry to hear about your back. Mine goes out from time to time and I too am on all fours in the kitchen.

I'm glad you've found a job you enjoy, and that you're knitting and reading and baking from time to time. Very sad about the early alarm. I've always thought my life would be much easier if I were a morning person, but I'm not, so it ain't. Getting out of bed is the worst part of my day. Of course, it's all gravy after that, so maybe I shouldn't complain.

Write again soon! xofrances

debbie bailey said...

I always enjoy your blog posts. Glad everything is okay; just busy.

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, my, what a lot is going on. How can you handle it so cheerfully with a back like that? I will pray for you. So happy you checked in.

Lynn said...

Great to read your news - hope your back is better soon. Hope Cameron hasn't read about this or you'll be for it!

Dulce Domum said...

Hello, old chum
The back is much better now, and appreciateed your gentle hugs.

Hi Monix
I bought Sarah Raven's Christmas book the other day and have been living through it vicariously - beautiful chutneys and flower arrangements, recipes and decorations. Highly recommended. My mum is back from Spain now, retired, and the busiest she's ever been!

Hi Southpaw
That bloody alarm will be the death of me. One day it will ring and my poor, (ahem) fragile body will just refuse to move. I will lie there, frozen, listening to the fascist beep, beep, beep...meanwhile the family will be in the kitchen staring at the toaster and the kettle thinking, "where's mum?"

Hi Debbie
Thank you. Yes, everything is okay, just busy. I hope to post agaain during the half term break.

Hi Gretchen
Thank you for the prayers. They're much appreciated. My back is much better now, I just have that tight, pulling feeling, like a scar that's healing.

Hi Lynn
I'm keeping my shirking quiet from Messrs Cameron and Clegg...just in case they freeze my pay for another two years...boo,hoo.

Angela said...

Hi Dulce, good to hear from you again. Glad about the Cathedral Job. Sorry about Yet Another Ofsted. Commiserations about the back. Do rest over half term if you can.
We gave up on the teasmaide [?!] thing - we just stayed in bed too long. One of us MUST get up and go to the kettle in the kitchen, or we spend the whole day Being Late!
Love and blessings xx

Oddny said...

Glad to see you back, was just going to delete you from my 'favourites' menu when I thought I'd have a quick look for old(ish) times sake x.

Gumbo Lily said...

So wonderful to read your wit once more! Put an ice pack on your back. It does wonders. I hope you'll get well soon.


Wartime Housewife said...

Very glad to have you back.

I don't envy you having to back to a job in The Smoke. Housewifing is a full time job but I'm sure you'll manage brilliantly. Remember, no-one will write on your gravestone "She kept a tidy house" but they may well write "She was a loving mother" so try not to stress too much about the house being a mess. Once you've settled into the new routine, you can start thinking about how to get the others mucking in.