Thursday, 3 April 2008

Just a Little Bit of Vintage Inspiration!

Here's a touch of loveliness you would never find in a modern day women's magazine...and I don't know why really. There are plenty of women out there who feel this way, you just have to read blogs to know that women from all types of backgrounds and who hold all different types of opinions feel strongly about their home life. Anyway, enjoy a pretty poem about the importance of the evening meal.

The Evening Meal

By Grace Noll Crowell

The preparation of the evening meal
By any woman, anywhere, may be
A ceremony, beautiful to see,

Recalling clear, sweet evenings long ago
At Emmaus, or Bethany, when One
Beloved guest had come at set of sun.

And oh, that other quiet evening meal
Within an upper room - the grace He said
Above the scarlet wine, the broken bread!

An evening meal is such a gracious thing,
It matters not how plain may be the fare
So long as love and loyalty are there.

The supper hour - a magnet drawing home
The ones who have the need of food and rest!
All women know this hour of the day is best.

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Anonymous said...

Blessed gratitude and beautiful simplicity. Lovely.