Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Oh Dear!

Well, I went back to the doctors because my chest was just not clearing and he sent me for an ex-ray and put me on these super-strong antibiotics. To be honest with you I've been pretty bad and I've only just realised it. I tried to walk my youngest up to pre-school the other day (it's only a 3 minute walk) but had to stop half way there, support myself on a lamp-post and cough until I made myself vomit. A fellow mum, who I hardly know, had to take me home in her car. However, these new antibiotics are working...they should do! I read on the leaflet in the box that they are used for the treatment of pneumonia and gonorrhea! What kind of a girl does that doctor think I am!?!LOL! The list of side effects is pretty scary too...personality change (what?), hallucinations (you're kidding me!), sleeplessness, nausea. I just have the nausea, and this is a good thing, unless my personality was going to transform into something wonderful! So, although I'm feeling a lot better, I'm still coughing up allsorts so I'm going to take a little break, get properly well and then regale you with tales of daring-do, books I can't help but buy (yes, I've already broken the book vow...but I'm poorly), nice cakes and the general confusion that is my life.

God Bless

Dulce Domum


Jenny said...

Oh Natalie take care. I know you will look after yourself properly. I hope those powerful antibiotics get rid of what ails you
love Jenny

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! I'll keep on praying for you. ~blessings xx

Anonymous said...

You poor dear! Please take good care of yourself and I pray you're well soon.

Many Blessings!

Zillah said...

Take care of yourself, and especially make sure you don't do too much too soon. Rest up now!


Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing OK and getting the girls to school without too much exertion. Keep on resting! Wish I was nearer so I could help.


Dulce Domum said...

Hi Everybody

I'm feeling a lot better now and I don't need any more antibiotics. However, I'm still not fully there yet, apparently it may take me another couple of weeks! Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, I do definitely feel more energised and I will be back to blogging tomorrow, God willing!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Praise God. You'll probably feel lethargic for a few weeks, I had severe bronchitis quite a while ago and I know you'll need more rest than usual.

I replied to your email, but kept getting error messages on that and another email I tried to send. If you don't receive a reply I'll email you from my Yahoo account. Just let me know if you don't get my emails.