Friday, 24 October 2008

And all of a Sudden I am a Cottage Industry

(Her eyes look a bit wonky in the picture, as does her arm. In real life she's fine, I truly am no David Bailey)

Well, her vest and knickers are nearly finished, so I thought I'd publish the photos of my latest doll. I'll be finishing her off in Spain over half term, both she and the good Saint Nicholas will be packed in my luggage, but not my knitting needles. I thought the rules on carrying knitting needles on board a plane had been relaxed, but my mum swears I 'll get arrested if I attempt to bring knitting related ephemera on a Monarch flight from Birmingham to Alicante.

Anyway, about the doll. Her name was Rosie-Primrose, but this, I feel, made my girls feel a little too attached to her (they love the Naughty Little Sister books) so I thought I'd change her name to Nina. I've got a lovely Liberty print fat quarter from which I can make a dress for her, and I 'll knit her a little cardi from some yarn I've got in my stash.

It seems, however, I have orders for more dolls. Another friend from church wants dolls for each of her grandchildren (three) and the lady who has just bought my town's yarn shop wants to place an order for one or two to sell in her shop. The DH says these orders will not make me a millionaire, but I'm not really cut out to be a millionaire, I eat dahl and believe in the integrity of hand-craft! Actually, I feel pretty proud that something I've made will be sold in an independent shop on my high street..."nice" capitalism at work!

Well, I imagine this will be my last post before I go off on my hols, I'll be back on Thursday. But until then, I'll say "adios amigos"!

EDIT: The Pens to Ploughshares series on Radio 3 just gets better and better. If you're at all interested in the arts and crafts movement, listen to this 15 minute talk God Made the Countryside. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful.

Have a wonderful holiday.


Jenny said...

Well done. She is beautiful. Next thing you know you will have an Etsy shop.
Happy holiday.
My niece is in Spain at the moment so if you see a bewildered Tasmanian girl ask if she needs help. I'm sure she will sob with gratitude.

Marie N. said...

Oh how sweet they are!

I've had success bringing knitting needles on airlines, but I only take along wood or bamboo dpns, nothing metal or too long.

Gumbo Lily said...

Well, look at your Crafty Domum! Your doll is a-doll-able! Happy Holiday!


Dulce Domum said...

Hi Sarah
She's nearly finished now. We had a great holiday!

Hi Jenny
I'm not quite ready for an Etsy shop yet (you didn't tell me doll making was such hard work!). I hope your niece enjoys herself in Spain, once she gets over the inevitable home-sickness.

Hi Marie
I didn't risk it as I was traveling with just the kids and myself (DH had to work so couldn't come). However, I have read on a few forums that they're relaxing the rules for us knitters.

Hi Jody
Nice pun! I have spurts of crafting ...I'm spurting right now. I'm so glad you got to listen to the Arts and Crafts programmes. I enjoyed them thoroughly.