Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bits and Bobs and General Ephemera

Jane Marple (left) and Princess Jenny (right). Princess Jenny was made by our very own Little Jenny Wren, Jane Marple is my own creation.

Well, I'm a bit of a bad blogger, I know. I write like crazy all week and then say nothing and visit nobody for five days. I must apologise, but I've been busy with various bits and bobs. First, I've been volunteering at my local Christian bookshop and fair trade cafe and although I've been enjoying it immensely it does put me out of blog-action on a Monday. Also, I've been busy doll making. My friend has asked me to make a Waldorf doll for her daughter's fifth birthday and I'm well aware that I need to get cracking. I hope to post some pictures of said dolly once I have knitted her some knickers, it is important that a doll should be dressed in a dignified and modest manner before pictures of her are splashed around the internet. Also, I'm making another St Nicholas and his horse, and although the good bishop does not need any knickers knitting he does have a tricky and rather elaborate mitre and cassock that needs making, again I hope to post pictures soon.

Also, (yes, another also!) I've had one or two friends over for morning coffee and I've been spending my evenings reading No Soft Incense: Barbara Pym and the Church, a book which I've been waiting for for ages and well worth a read for any dedicated Pymite. Oh, and talking of middle-brow feminine fiction, which of course I was, why not check out the blog on which I lurk like a dedicated, yet benign, stalker, Stuck in a Book? Such a great book blog, written by a chappie who did his MA in early twentieth century women's fiction.

So, while I've been reading and sewing I've also been listening. First, to BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme, which featured the Fife Diet. Those of you who are familiar with Canada's the 100 Mile Diet, will understand what it's all about, namely "turning environmental abstractions into kitchen practice". I listened because I often listen to The Food Programme, because I am all about turning "environmental abstractions into kitchen practice", but moreover because the programme featured that doyenne of of lard, suet and dripping, our very own Zillah! You can listen too, if you follow the link, the whole programme is very good.

Oh, and here is another radio link which I hope you'll enjoy. This time about the beginnings of the political side of the arts and crafts movement. It's my instinct that much of the NEF stuff is heavily influenced by much of Edward Carpenter, William Morris, GK Chesterton and Oswald Chambers' work. This programme concentrates on Edward Carpenter's tone poem Towards Democracy. Those who follow a simple lifestyle may enjoy what the programme has to say.

Blimey! What a lot of information crammed into such a garbled post. I'll leave you to sift through it gentle reader. Anon, fellow huswifes! Anon!


Zillah said...

Glad you enjoyed my moment of glory! Strangely enough, although I clearly have a reputation here as a devotee of animal fats, I was a vegetarian for 20 years. Funny how the world turns, innit?

Know anything about peasemeal? It's the Scottish pulse and I'm trying to get to grips with it.

Lovely dolls. Disappointed to learn that St Nick will be knickerless. Sniggers.

Off to listen to that programme now. Sounds very interesting.


Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with Barbara Pym, sounds interesting. Is she likely to be in the well not her but her books?

Love the dolls.


Dulce Domum said...

Ah, Zillah I'm so glad that someone made that joke. I may actually knit him some knickers, it could be drafty underneath his cassock.

I'll email you with a peasemeal recipe, I *think* I have one in my Scottish WI cookbook.

Hi Sarah
I know that Virago re-issued "Excellent Women" just recently, and also "Jane and Prudence" was serialised during Woman's Hour in the summer. You may be able to listen to it on the internet. I'd also recommend "Some Tame Gazelle"...especially if you like spinsters, curates and walnut cake!

Anonymous said...

spinsters, curates and walnut cake

My life revolves around them! ;)


Gumbo Lily said...

Oh Dulce, I did enjoy that "God is in the Countryside" program. I had a devil of a time at first getting it downloaded since it was in i-player (UK) and I have real-player (USA), but I got it figured out. Now I can listen to BBC again sometime. Thank you for pointing the way.