Thursday, 9 October 2008

Everybody's Talking About Being Thoughtful, Nowadays

Yes, everybody's talking about being thoughtful, nowadays...especially if nowadays is 1950s, small-town America. These kids must live next door to Jimmy Stewart, or perhaps Norman Rockwell... oh how I love this stuff! Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't stop talking about it myself...I talk about it so much I have no time to be thoughtful :)

It wasn't very thoughtful at all, Amy's Grandmother getting sick, chuh, these ill people they've no thought for anyone but themselves! Marlene is one lucky girl bagging herself someone with an eye for a pretty frock. I reckon Amy'd be quite miffed that he took someone else...perhaps he should have put himself in Amy's shoes instead of Marlenes! :)

What fun! I loved the acting, what goooood children; if only Chatterbox were as keen to get on with her homework.


Dulce Domum said...

Hi Sarah
Yes, that Andy has the makings of a real ladies man. Two girls on the go, knows the right kind of gift to buy a girl, severely depressed at the thought of no party on a Friday night...It's George Clooney!

Anonymous said...

Or...heaven forbid...Colin Farrell