Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The DH: International Man of Mystery ...and Other Sundry Subjects

I've been feeling a little guilty about blogging just recently. It's been a busy time and although I've done blogabble things and thought bloggable thoughts I can't just seem to get any of these things and thoughts down in html format. I haven't been around my friend's blogs as much as I would've liked either, for which I apologise. However, things should be back to normal after Christmas, when the cooking and the crafting and the social whirl of advent and Christmas are over. I always want so desperately to separate advent from "the run up to Christmas" that I tend to get the secular stuff over and done with in November, hence the blogging lull. But, it's still a busy time of year for us: my youngest seems to have been invited to a classmate's birthday party every weekend for the past three weeks; it's her birthday on 20th December; she's in two Nativity plays; the eldest has mock exams; is caroling like crazy; and is involved with two special school/church services over advent; and to top it all the DH will be on a business trip for 5(it was just 3)days just before he finishes for the Christmas break!

He's off to Sweden. I don't know what he's doing there. When I asked him he said "oh just meetings, training and stuff." Actually, I was asked what my husband did for a living the other day at one of the numerous kiddy parties I've been attending over the past few weeks. I had to admit that I didn't really know, which is a shame considering that I know that my youngest's best friend's dad works in computer support at a large car manufacturer, my eldest girl's best friend's dad works as an engineer for yet another posh car manufacturer, the bloke next door took early retirement from Peugeot, the bloke over the road is a quantity surveyor, the bloke next door but one is a police officer...however, what the DH does for a living is a complete mystery to me. Don't get me wrong, I know where he works, I *think* I know his job title (but it tends to change), I *think* he works in contract law and finance (straddling two departments, perhaps?), but that is it. It's all I know. It's not that I'm not interested, I hope I show proper wifely concern about his work, it's just that the DH has this uncanny ability to shrug off his work-life as he comes through the door of an evening. His home-life and his work-life are two entirely separate fields and the twain will never meet. It's the way he wants it, and I'm happy with that, although this attitude did take some getting used to as my father lived and breathed his work, it was his life and his obsession.

My own mother is so taken aback by the DH's reticence about his work-life that she swears he works for the secret service. However, seeing as the DH has not made love to any Russian spies in a space station or thwarted any shark-owning, cat-loving, crazy plutocrats just recently I think she's a bit off the mark. Needless to say, if Sweden hits the news just before Christmas because of a giant, violent brawl on a moving train involving a man with metal teeth, a beautiful blonde, and a suave (yet strangely thuggish) man with an English accent, you know she's right.

Anyway, whilst he's away a) doing "meetings, training and stuff" or b) saving Queen and Country from certain doom I shall be consoling myself with cheese and onion crisps, good books and my Fred and Ginger box set. Quelle Joi! Here's an extract of them doing their thing. I defy you not to smile and look on in wonder. I'm going to wear a dress just like Ginger's on Christmas day...or I may just wear my jeans, I dunno.

Oh, and talking of good books. The delightful homemaker, rabble- rouser and internationally famous southpaw, Frances has asked me to join in with a book meme. I have to turn to page 56 of the nearest book to me and type out what it says. Now, I've just finished tutoring a home-schooled pupil of mine and we've been reading To Kill a Mockingbird. My pupil is a good boy, and is really engaged with the text...but what a text it is!! Here's page 56 for your delectation.

We leaped over the low wall that separated Miss Rachel's yard from our driveway. Jem whistled bob-white and Dill answered in the darkness.
'Not a breath blowing,' said Jem. 'Looka yonder.'
He pointed to the east. A gigantic moon was rising behind Miss Maudie's pecan trees. 'That makes it seem hotter,'he said.
'Cross in it tonight?' asked Dill, not looking up. He was constructing a cigarette from newspaper and string.
'No, just the lady. Don't light that thing, Dill, you'll stink up the whole end of town.'
There was a lady in the moon in Maycomb. She sat a a dresser combing her hair.

I do love classic American fiction. I loved Fitzgerald, Whitman, Harper Lee way before I began to love George Eliot and Auden. American prose is less weighted with literary expectation, less painfully mindful of history. American authors created the modern literary style, in my opinion, as they were neither encumbered by tradition, or trying to shrug it off (why are British early twentieth century modernists so bloody unreadable, yet Faulkner and Fitzgerald so compelling?). Well, before this post rambles on into infinity, let me just tell you that I've been reading Willa Cather. I've just finished O Pioneers!. Good grief, what a brilliant book. I can't help but think my friend Jody would love it. In fact everybody will love it. There you have it. Post finished. Brain now empty! Happy advent, gentle reader!


Angela said...

What a fabulous posting - so many parts resonated with me!
Oh I adore To Kill a Mockingbird - glad that was your book
Ginger did everything Fred did - but backwards and in High Heels!
Yes, I too get the secular bits done early to concentrate on the spiritual once advent begins.
I watch Spooks, and I think maybe your mum is right about your DH!!
Whatever, i hope you and your family all have a joyful Christmas season together in some shape or form.
Thanks for this post!blessings - Ang x

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Angela
My mum is a Spooks devotee so I think this is where she gets all her ideas from! TKAM is such a good book. Ev every time I read it there is something new in it to enjoy!

Laura A said...

Hmm, thought I posted something here but don't see it, so I'll just say that I always wanted to be Scout (and those pecan trees evoke genuine Southern memories), and my mom has had her suspicions about my husband's and father-in-law's jobs, too. Turns out they're just too tedious to explain.

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Laura
I love Scout. I can't wait until my eldest is old enough to read this book. It won't be long, and I know she'll love it. Jem is such a good older brother and Atticus...what a parent! I have never been to the American south, but would love to visit. Anyway, the DH would say you're dead right...his job's just too boring to explain it in detail!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books--I'm so glad that's what was at hand!