Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tilly, the Tomboy, Visits the Poor

Have a look at this piece of anarchic nonsense from 1910!

Here's what I've learned.
That teenage girls in 1910 rolled their eyes at their fathers just as they do
That they may not have had "hoodies" in 1910 but they definitely had
That I wouldn't want to meet these girls on Twelfth Night!



Anonymous said...

Lol, although hoodies don't seem to enjoy themselves quite as much.


Angela said...

What larks! as my grandmother would have said.
Thanks for message about the PC.
Sorry about the Dead Dyson- have you considered a Sebo? Got mine in 1997 and it is still faultless.

Anonymous said...

Sorry eavesdropping comment conversatons...has your Dyson died? when did you buy it? If it's under 2 years old and engineer might come and fix it for free - they did for might even have the 5 year guarantee if it's newer. Plus you can order parts online and they're reasonable and very quick.

Not that I really know entirely what Angela is referring to :)

Angela said...

A Sebo is a [german?] alternative to a Dyson Vaccuum cleaner. They are used to vaccuum The White House, the Kremlin and my little house too. They last forever.
Oh dear, I sound like a SalesLady!!

Anonymous said...

My patriotic pride baulks a bit to say this, but I must concede German stuff does last forever it's true...our boiler is apparently the 'Rolls Royce' of the boiler world (according to our Gasman) and it is of course German.

I love my Dyson, I remember when I first got a Dyson I was amazed at how much stuff it picked up. Every visitor that crossed our threshold got a demo! :) But they do seem to have bits break off quite quickly.

Anonymous said...

...perhaps we need a battle of the vacuums, rather like Robot Wars ;)

Gumbo Lily said...

No hoodies but definitely hoodlums! Nothing's new under the sun, ay?


Dulce Domum said...

Hi Sarah
Yes, the girls were having a good time all right.

Hi Angela
Wow, you'vve sold me on a Sebo...used in both the Kremlin and the Whitehouse!

Hi Jody
You're dead right! Nothing is new.