Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Goodbye Big City - Hello Market Town!

Well, I've finally finished my term at Big City School. You know, it went okay. My students remained universally charming (and often a complete - if unknowing - hoot), my colleagues ranged from supportive to lovely and the work was rewarding and not too stressful. However, I won't miss Big City: I won't miss the commute; the rudeness of the bus drivers/taxi drivers; the particular area of the school I worked in; the aggression of the community I served. I now have a new job covering the maternity leave of an old colleague, it's in a faith school in my home town and I will be working part-time until after Christmas. I feel quite content to do long term supply jobs until the DH is on his feet, although if he does decide to retrain I will have to get a permanent teaching job.

I'm absolutely shattered. And, I kind of feel like the life I've been leading over the last few months hasn't quite been my own, as if I've been jumping through a rabbit hole every morning at 6:30 and ending up in Big City - a strange, disordered, nether-world full of damaged and tyrannical people who keep telling me to F-off!. What I'm feeling is a culture shock, of course. I've been living on Planet Dulce Domum for years and have found it a very pleasant place to be. I obviously need to get back there for a week or so. Therefore, I'm going to settle down with a few good books, my Cary Grant box set, my girls and a nice cup of tea and I don't intend to set foot out of the house. This is a decision I have just made. I will not be cajoled by other well-meaning folk to go and do stuff, I will not do any church work (I may not even go to church!), I will not be persuaded to go on long car journeys with a bored DH (he can go on his own) and we will frequent the chippy and the Chinese takeaway more often than is seemly. We have visitors over the Easter period, and a friend's wedding to go to, however I will not run around like a loony trying to please. I will be perfectly nice, but perfectly lazy because being perfectly perfect will drive anyone into the loony bin!

Ah, I'm so glad I've got that off my chest. It's very nice to have a plan, even if your plan is simply to do bugger all.

If, towards the end of the holiday, I blog again it will be because I have rested and read and played with my kids and got my skirtings clean and then, gentle reader, you'll know that all is well. However, if, towards the end of the holiday, you turn on the TV and see an overweight woman moon Ed Balls (yes, y'all in the USA, our Minister for Education is called Mr Balls), then you know that I have not rested and read and played with my kids and got my skirtings clean but quite the opposite and have gone completely mad - mad, I tells ya!

I shall leave you with this bit of YouTubery, for your delectation!


Anonymous said...

LOL Ed Balls is rubbing his hands with glee in expectation! ;) Do I expect to see you on News at Ten?

Good to hear from you Dulce Do!

You get lots of rest now.


monix said...

You must be feeling a little better already having had that lovely rant! Welcome back. Have a great time with your family I hope you never need go back to that awful Big City.

debbie bailey said...

I've missed you! Enjoy your time with your books and family. You've earned it!

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Sarah
I'm glad to say Mr Balls is now safe with me. A nice online rant and a good night's sleep and I no longer feel inclined to disgrace myself!

Hi Monix
Yes, old bean, I feel mighty good after venting my spleen. I have waved goodbye to Big City (for now) but the life of a supply means I may have to go back...oh, please God, NO!

Hi Debbie
If I have time I'd like to blog about books and baking. I hope to make a Simnel cake on Easter Saturday!

Lisa Richards said...

That's EXACTLY how I feel when I go to work, but no end in sight! But God's been showing me that there are an awful lot of nice folks out there, too. (I tend toward hermitry.)

Rest and relax. We're making it a family tradition to go out for Chinese on Easter Sunday, so mom gets a treat and a break. (We live in the boonies of northern Minnesota, so the Chinese restaurant is 50 miles it IS a treat!)

Loved your post, now to watch that video! =0)

¤,¸.•*´Have a happy Easter!*•.¸,¤°

Angela said...

Good to have you back! Whenever THAT city has been mentioned in the news I have thought of you and offered up a prayer for you teaching there [I was a student there in the Dark Ages, just after L. Godivan and G. Greer]
Now rest a bit and enjoy domesticity and takeaways. Did you know Mr Balls sister is called Ophelia? Poor girl!
Easter Blessings

Laura A said...

Glad you're back! Have a lovely rest from your obligations. And by all means, don't let anyone talk you into any new ones!

Zillah said...

Ah, gnashing my teeth in disappointment over lack of telly potentially depriving me of your great moment! However, I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Love that Big City. In decline since the thirteenth century, according to my UG history tutor!

Now, get your feet back up!


Nan said...

What an utterly fantastic posting!! SO great to read. Hope to see you here much more often now. I'm smilin'

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Lisa
I'm always amazed by how big America is...50 miles to the nearest Chinese restaurant! You're right about lovely people being out there too.

Hi Angela
Thanks for your prayers. You know, it's the plural that kills ya. We all love Johnny and Zoe, don't we?

Hi Laura
I've just had a long lecture form the DH about not taking on new obligations...I'm just a girl who can't say no!

Hi Zillah
Don't worry, you haven't missed out. I've decided that exposing myself to the Minister for Education would not look good on my CV. I think your tutor was right, but they've got a big Ikea now so perhaps he'll change his mind.

Hi Nan
I hope to be back too. I'm glad you liked my rant, Nan.

Gumbo Lily said...

I hope you had a wonderful break and did everything you set out to do or not to do.

So glad to see you back in Dulce Domum Land.


Simmyb said...

Goodness, when did Coventry town centre last look like that. I think it had already changed when I started workign at Owens when I was 16.