Thursday, 4 October 2012

...I can only assume this appalling outcome was God's wish.

Nobody can beat Shuttleworth. Nobody. He speaks to the English soul like no-one else. He is the Shakespeare of suburbia, an incomparable poet who captures the exquisite pathos of everyday existence. Listen and be amazed.


Sue said...

The English soul indeed. Guess what I want for my tea now.

VerityGrace said...

Haha. I'd not heard John Shuttleworth before. He truly does speak to the English experience. :)

Laura A said...

Watching from Italy, and feeling our remarkable affinity for the British, even in the land of panna cotta, prosciutto crudo, and a million varieties of bitter greens. (Not to mention Barbaresco.)

My daughter said, "Oh, send this to Grandaddy! He'll love it!" He's American, but has the same basic philosophy of food.